Registration for the 2014.15 year will open on Wednesday, May 21st at our Family Fun Luau. This FREE event includes a brief informational presentation, food for the whole family, and games for the kids! Make plans to attend! Space will be extremely limited after this event.

Membership Requirements

MOPS and MOMS Next welcomes all Moms in our community! No matter your age, stage, faith, background, or church membership, the Ministry to Moms at FBC Frisco has a place for you!

Our MOPS group is designed specifically for the challenging years of mothering your preschoolers. MOPS invites all mothers of at least 1 preschool aged child to join us. Childcare is available for those children who accompany mom to MOPS from birth through age 5.

MOMS Next is a program designated to meet the needs of moms who have at least 1 school aged child (beginning in kindergarten). Childcare for MOMS Next welcomes preschoolers and home-school children.

So that we can accept more women into our ministry who need the love and support that MOPS and MOMS Next fellowship can bring, we ask that you choose the 1 group that best fits your needs. While membership in both groups will not be prohibited, please know that there will be no discount on either membership dues or MOPPETS supply fees if you chose to be a part of both programs.

Member Dues

Dues for MOPS and MOMS Next general membership are as follows:

  • $135 per year (due at time of registration)

  • $20 MOPPETS supply fee per child due twice per year (Fall and Spring)


How to Register

Registration will be quick and convenient and takes place online using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Once registration opens on May 21st, 6:00pm, you will find a link on this page where you will be able to complete your registration form and make payments. Payments can be made using your debit/credit card or your PayPal account. As long as the link is posted our registration remains open. Notices will be posted to this page once registration is closed or becomes limited.

membershipFor membership questions feel free to email our Membership Coordinators,  Alyson Steiner (MOPS) or Michelle Harmon (MOMS Next).


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